NEST The Smart Thermostat

NEST Learning Thermostat

When it comes to home automation, no living space is complete without installing the NEST  learning thermostat device. This simple to install unit takes control of your home environment, keeping your home comfortable while you’re present, while saving you energy when you’re away.


Your heating and cooling costs account for half of your home’s energy bill every month. The NEST smart thermostat system saves energy through an array of sensors, adjusting the interior of your home to a comfortable level to counter the effects of temperature, humidity and weather conditions outside the house.


Every time you make an adjustment to NEST, it remembers and learns from the changes you have made. Within a week of use, the NEST will complete its learning cycle, and begin making adjustments based on your past history. Activity and light sensors in this home automation device determine whether you are home. The auto-away feature kicks on after so long with no activity in the home, saving you energy by not heating or cooling an empty house.


The NEST smart thermostat continues learning from your habits throughout its life, taking every adjustment into account. After selecting the method of heating and cooling used in your home, NEST will learn the times that you arrive home and wake up, and take preemptive measures to have your home at your comfortable temperature when you arrive.


Unlike other thermostats, NEST requires no complicated programming. The exterior ring allows it to be adjusted like a conventional thermostat, while the programming comes from the habits and memory built into the device. The NEST home automation system attaches to your home wifi and sends a detailed energy use report to your computer to show you how it is saving energy.


The NEST system is easy to install. With no electrical know-how, the thermostat can be fully wired into your existing heating and cooling unit. The top mount screw permits gravity to automatically level the smart thermostat so it looks wonderful in your home.


By using this home automation system, users report a savings of up to 20% on their heating bills. The advanced AirWave technology turns off your heat or air early, but keeps the fan running, further saving energy for your home costs. With automatic reminders to change your filters and the ability to control the settings from any wifi compatible device, the NEST smart thermostat takes the hassle out of heating and cooling home automation.

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