Home Theater Automation

The home theater aficionado can attest that the options for premium viewing experiences in the home have greatly improved. No longer does an individual only have access to things like surround sound and a cable box for their universal remote control. Instead, there is a full home automation offering that will allow you to control the lights and the climate of your home, or even lock your doors with a push of the button.

The new universal remote control is more of a graphic screen that will show you different elements that can be controlled in your system. With it, you can turn on your home theater system and dim the lights of the room you are in from it. You can then adjust two different areas of sound and even move motorized shades to ensure that the room setup for the best possible viewing experience.

While watching your film, the home automation system will allow you to lock the doors of your home quickly with a simple push of the button to give you peace of mind, or you can lower or raise the temperature in the room without having to pause the film as you attempt to get the house to a perfect temperature. If you are energy conscious, you can also monitor the power consumption the current temperature is costing you and adjust the settings in your home to live a little greener.

Although all this makes for an enhanced viewing experience for your home theater, you are going to find that many of these features can also be used on the go. From your iPhone or Android device, you can ensure that your house is locked, while turning on and off lights, or even adjusting the temperature of your home so it is the right temperature when you get back.

That makes this system an idea choice for everyone from the individual who wants to have the latest technology for their home theater, to the energy conscious individual that wants to save power and boost home security.





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