Home Security Systems

Nearly every single aspect of your home can be automated. This includes lighting, locks, security systems, heating and cooling, and even home theatre. Many of these systems, including security systems for home monitoring can be used remotely.

There are many benefits to doing security camera systems and automation in your house professionally. Some of the areas where this can help especially include:

Automation to Save Energy

It’s a simple fact that computer systems will be more efficient than you. It helps that they can monitor the exact temperature to a high degree of accuracy at any given point in your home, and only activate cooling or heating when it’s needed. This is in contrast to many other systems that are much less accurate and tend to waste a lot of power


If you have a home or small business, protecting it should be a high priority. After all, you spent all that time, effort, and money building it up. It would be hardly fair if you lost all of that because of one mishap.

Automated security at a professional site like Quintessential Automations can protect against such misfortunes including:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Inclement weather

For example, you can set up your automated system to automatically get a text if one of your windows or doors opens. You can then use your phone to get a live video feed of exactly what’s happening. As you can imagine, this is quite a bit more valuable then simply getting a phone call from some security service informing you of a possible breech.

This way, you can observe the breech for yourself, live on your tablet, and see exactly what it is. If a tree branch fell through a window, then you can see that, and act accordingly. You won’t have to rush home or call the police for no reason.

But on the other hand, if someone is actually breaking in, you can get a perfectly clear ID of them, and watch them live on your mobile device. The system achieves this through the use of glass breakage sensors, wireless magnetic contact sensors, and motion sensors.

In the case of a theft, you can call the police, and keep any of your children away from the home while a break-in occurs. Automated security systems that keep you in the loop are by far the best way to go, so you rest safe knowing that you’ll be informed if anything happens, and that you can make informed decisions if and when you need to do so.

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