Lighting Control

With home automation, lighting control is made possible, which is a good way to save energy and money, but also a neat way to create ambiance throughout your home. Imagine only having to push a button on a remote control to dim the lights before you sit down with guests, or waking up to dimly lit rooms every morning instead of suffering from the strong lights that usually welcome you in the bathroom or kitchen. Quintessential Automations makes it all possible. We offer installation and programming of:

  • Wireless Lighting Control
  • Scene lighting systems: One or a group of lights controlled together and set to predetermined levels
  • Automated lighting: On/off timers, scheduled timers, and occupancy sensors
  • Integration with other systems (whether it be your anti-theft or fire alarm or home theater system).

No matter what you would like your lighting systems to do automatically, we know how to install and program them. Our affordable and turnkey services will help you save money and improve the lighting systems of your home, and even control it from anywhere in your house with a remote control. To find out how Quintessential Automations could help you, give us a call and we will visit you for a free in-home estimate.

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