Home automation makes it possible to control just about everything in your home that can be hooked up to electricity. That means you can control your lighting, computer network, home theater, home security system, HVAC, and other home systems right from the touch of a remote control button. Learn More »

Whether  you are at home or away, security should be a high priority for every home owner. Today, home security systems are not a luxury but a necessity. We are here to help, designing and installing a security system that works for you or your family. Learn More »

Just think how easy it will be to dim the lights without having to get up to do it. That dim lighting can also gently wake you each morning without your dreams being interrupted by harsh lights ever again. You get to program in the timers according to your schedule with our home automation systems. Learn More »

These days, there is nothing quite so urgent for most homeowners than saving on energy bills. By automating the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)  system, you can take more control back over how much you spend each month on your energy bills. Here again timers can be set to turn your system on or off, the thermostat up or down according to your needs. Learn More »

You can even add motorized window coverings to the automated system so that you can determine when to block out the heat of the sun before it ever enters your home. The real beauty of our home automation systems is that you can control them from anywhere in the world. Talk about control, this is the real deal. Learn More »

Quintessential Automations can help make your life easier with everything from hidden rooms and secret doors, to water warning leak detector alarms, and anything in between. You will never know how much simpler your life can be until you give us a call.


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