Lighting Control

Home automation is an increasingly popular means of controlling your internal home environment. Being able to alter conditions around the house remotely is often much easier and more convenient than the alternative. In an age of increasing environmental awareness and desire for home security, home automation is becoming all the more essential to many homeowners.
Lighting control allows homeowners to prioritize both energy savings and home safety simultaneously.

Intruders are still less likely to invade anyone’s home if they see lights on when they are planning their attack. Professional thieves in particular try to eliminate risk as much as possible, and many of them would rather choose a dark house than a lit one. Light control can involve putting your lights on a timer, so they switch on during a home’s most vulnerable hours. They can also be motion activated, and turn on the moment either homeowners or uninvited individuals enter the house. Light control is more convenient for homeowners, and less convenient for criminals.

Wireless lighting control can also be an important part of creating a sustainable house. In some cases, residents may not turn off their lights when necessary just because it is inconvenient to do so regularly enough, and light control can give them the means of doing so easily. Internal lighting control is often equipped with sensors that allow lights to turn on and off if, for instance, no one is in the room or in need of light. Lights may also be brighter than homeowners would like, and they can adjust the illumination levels using dimmer switches, using less electricity in the process.

Some photo sensors in lighting control systems are also sensitive to how much natural light is being produced at any given time of day, and adjusts the level of artificial light accordingly. Making the best possible use of artificial light is an important consideration in sustainable electricity systems, and making these simple changes can make all the difference in overall energy consumption over the course of a year. Homeowners can save an average of over a hundred dollars per year after making the appropriate modifications to their electricity usage, especially through the use of lighting control.

Lighting control makes it easier for homeowners to commit to sustainability and home security, through its persistent application. Wireless lighting systems can make for safer, more comfortable, and much more efficient homes.


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