Home Automation – Economical and Protective

Keeping track of your power usage isn’t always easy to accomplish. With many of us, we’re not at home all night or all day. Between spouse, children pets and other things, we’re not always in control of the lighting. How many times have you left a room and found, to your dismay, several hours later that the lights were still on.

That’s true for many of us. We come home from work and find that we’ve wasted power by leaving a light on that we didn’t find before we left. This is not cost effective living. That means that we’re wasting money and wasting energy and it’s time to get control of our own energy usage. Don’t you wish that you could shut off the lights when you were not in the room even if you were not at home?

One way to accomplish that is to home automation. Home automation can be used to turn on and off lights in the home. It can also be used to ensure that the security system is armed and functional and to allow for your home to be protected from intrusion or from fire.

The home security system is among the most important part of your residential protection. Arming your fire protection device or your burglar alarm and monitoring the system is something that a smart home or home automation can offer. If at any time your home is breached, the automated home security device, connected to a phone system will make a series of phone calls that will help to get fire or police personnel to your home in good time and also to ensure that you or something that you designate knows what is happening by making phone calls to a list of people. Automated phone calling takes place until the system gets an answer to one of the phone calls, at which point it stops making calls.

When you are protected by a home security and home energy automation, you’re going to save money, save time and in some cases may actually save your home or your life. The uses for home automation are endless. Learn More »


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