About QA

Quintessential Automations is a business specializing in home automation, security systems, and audio/video installations. Our goal is to make home automation affordable to everyone.

Very few of your computing devices would not benefit from being networked with a home automation system. Do you wish your coffee machine could brew your morning beverage before you got out of bed every morning? Would you like your towel warmers to turn on a few minutes before you step in the shower? Wouldn’t it be nice if your favorite music could be heard in a specific room of the house at the push of a button? Do you wish you didn’t have to carry those baby monitors around in order to know what your children are up to? Would you rather announce to an intercom system that dinner is ready instead of screaming and looking around the house until everyone is finally gathered around the table? We thought so.

Quintessential Automations can link your home theater systems, computer networks, appliances, security systems and telephone systems to simplify your life, let you have a more enjoyable time at home, and save energy and money.

We offer a large range of home automation services which include:

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